Looking back on the places we have visited over the last months some stand out for the food, some for the lovely people and others for their natural beauty. Capurgana in Colombia definitely falls in the last category; A very tranquil little village based on the Caribbean coast in the very north of Colombia. It is surrounded by jungle and the only way to get there is by boat or by plane, which means it has no cars and that in turn only add to the feeling of a laid back little place.

Here’s some of my favourite photos from Capurgana, if you are thinking of going to visit this will give you an idea of what’s in wait, if you have already been there this will be a nice reminder, or if you are somewhere grey and cold maybe this will inspire you to go visit Colombia:


Coast of Capurgana

The streets are all pedestrian, the only vehicles you will meet is horse driven carriages or the odd bike.

Street life in tranquil Capurgana

This colourful little shed is in fact the Coco-Piña Cocktail bar that opens up on the beach in the evenings.

The Coco-pina cocktail bar

In this hot climate it is nice with a cool refreshment; this guy is making slush ice. He has a block of ice that he fastens to this hand operated machine and then shaves of the ice into a cup and then adds a fruit flavoured sirup. For a little extra you can get a topping of sweetened condensed milk and that works out to be a very nice treat.

Man selling a slush ice to a girl

Red and white church

Men relaxing on the Pier

As there are no cars, this horse driven carriage serves as the local transport. Saw off the legs of a set of plastic chairs, hammer them onto the cart, get the horse out and you have yourself a bus!

Horse driven public transport

Beach on Caribbean coast

A lot of the deliveries to the town is made by boat. This boat was just arriving with some building materials from Turbo.

Boat on pier with deliveries

Beach seen from forest track

This is the port area, which will be the point of entry if you travel to Capurgana by boat.

Port of Capurgana

If you haven’t been to Capurgana I would definitely recommend it. It is a good place to catch your breath if you are traveling, and the trip there by boat is in itself a great experience. You can read about how to get there here.

If you have tips or stories about Capurgana we would love to hear about them.



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