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A British Turkey Shoot

In the pub last night a friend laughed and said to me, quite seriously, “Politicians are the best possible advert for anarchism.” The idea that no one doing anything could be worse than the last decades self-serving, stumblingly incompetent, attacks on communal values is a joke. We had been discussing, as briefly as it deserves,... continue reading

Vote Democrat? You’re asking for it.

The majority of people I have spoken to in these United States of Amerika about the political situation here have ended with an identical statement. Occasionally a word changes in the phrasing, but the meaning is the same, “I will always vote Democrat because they are better than the Republicans.” Now, someone once said that... continue reading

Dear Dr.

(Editors note: Dr. Matthew is a spiritual guide and mentor. Through the ages, in dark and troubling times his sage advice has been sought by the lost of the world. (He has often abused this position to take advantage of teenage girls, especially as he has got older. You have been warned.) Below is a... continue reading