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Random Rambles

99% Genuine Imitation Bullshit

Truth is a commodity in short supply in politics. Maybe this has always been the case? Certainly the people who take wealth and power from the many and concentrate it amongst the few have a history of grand deceptions based on the ignorance of the masses. From Latin bible read to illiterates through the divine... continue reading
Letter from the road.

Letter from the road.

(Ed. Below is a letter to a friend written after some Sherlock Holmes, with a few pictures added to.)   Dear Matthew,   It has been some time since my last correspondence and for that I must apologise. Like so many degenerate vultures who pray on the talent of good men like yourself, I write... continue reading

Vote Democrat? You’re asking for it.

The majority of people I have spoken to in these United States of Amerika about the political situation here have ended with an identical statement. Occasionally a word changes in the phrasing, but the meaning is the same, “I will always vote Democrat because they are better than the Republicans.” Now, someone once said that... continue reading

Dear Dr.

(Editors note: Dr. Matthew is a spiritual guide and mentor. Through the ages, in dark and troubling times his sage advice has been sought by the lost of the world. (He has often abused this position to take advantage of teenage girls, especially as he has got older. You have been warned.) Below is a... continue reading
"You live in a free country"

“You live in a free country”

Our first night in Cuba I was given an impromptu lecture on Cuban history by the doctor whose house we were staying in. The following morning we took a taxi with a former revolutionary who again set about educating us on the history of the island in relation to its former rulers. On the third... continue reading
Shopping is my God

Shopping is my God

I started to contemplate leaving London, again, from the perspective of having already left whilst in the departure lounge Weatherspoons at Gatwick airport. It is the sort of place that produces an emotional translucency. Coming down, slightly high, exhausted, and drinking throughout 47 hours of delays only helped the sense of floating away. This would... continue reading