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A British Turkey Shoot

In the pub last night a friend laughed and said to me, quite seriously, “Politicians are the best possible advert for anarchism.” The idea that no one doing anything could be worse than the last decades self-serving, stumblingly incompetent, attacks on communal values is a joke. We had been discussing, as briefly as it deserves,... continue reading

99% Genuine Imitation Bullshit

Truth is a commodity in short supply in politics. Maybe this has always been the case? Certainly the people who take wealth and power from the many and concentrate it amongst the few have a history of grand deceptions based on the ignorance of the masses. From Latin bible read to illiterates through the divine... continue reading
Letter from the road.

Letter from the road.

(Ed. Below is a letter to a friend written after some Sherlock Holmes, with a few pictures added to.)   Dear Matthew,   It has been some time since my last correspondence and for that I must apologise. Like so many degenerate vultures who pray on the talent of good men like yourself, I write... continue reading

Vote Democrat? You’re asking for it.

The majority of people I have spoken to in these United States of Amerika about the political situation here have ended with an identical statement. Occasionally a word changes in the phrasing, but the meaning is the same, “I will always vote Democrat because they are better than the Republicans.” Now, someone once said that... continue reading

Dear Dr.

(Editors note: Dr. Matthew is a spiritual guide and mentor. Through the ages, in dark and troubling times his sage advice has been sought by the lost of the world. (He has often abused this position to take advantage of teenage girls, especially as he has got older. You have been warned.) Below is a... continue reading

Occupy Denver

This dispatch is being written from the observation deck of the Amtrak California Zephyr line. The train is meandering alongside the Colorado river as it snakes, semi-frozen, through the soft undulating peaks of the snow covered Rocky Mountains. The hillside powdered white with the earth and brush speckling it in greens and rusty shades of... continue reading
Occupy Chicago

Occupy Chicago

  Our whistle-stop tour of Occupy sites started today in Chicago. We visited just past noon, hoping to have time to chat before the 1.30 general assembly. We were greeted by Tony, who apart from three guys in sandwich boards leaning and engrossed in conversation, was the Occupy presence. He saw us standing at the... continue reading

Border hopping in Nicaragua

The sins of my youth finally caught up with me. I had done pretty well outrunning them, head down, full-speed ahead, don’t look down. But, as I found myself hanging off a nine foot wall at the border separating Costa Rica from Nicaragua, shouting no puedo, no puedo at my disgusted guide, Wiley Coyote had... continue reading

Post-election violence in Nicaragua

There were violent clashes in Nicaragua Thursday, November 10th. A total of seven civilians were killed and forty-seven police hospitalised as rival political groups clashed and attacked the police, who have also been accused of colluding in violent attacks. El Nuevo Diaro is reporting that three Sandanista supporters from a single family were executed in... continue reading
Election Night in Nicaragua

Election Night in Nicaragua

We spent election day, Sunday the 6th, in Granada, Nicaragua. Then travelled to Managua the following day. The night before, the most prominent signs of the election were to be found hung outside bars and liquor stores – the government had banned sales of alcohol from 6pm Saturday night and people needed reminding. Otherwise there... continue reading
Cartagena - Capurgana - Panama City

Cartagena – Capurgana – Panama City

We travelled along the north coast of Colombia to southern Panama and then flew into Panama City. It was a fabulous trip. For about the same cost as a pair of plane tickets we were able to spend a week in some of the most beautiful places we have seen so far.   We started... continue reading
Staggering through Cuba II

Staggering through Cuba II

 Havana itself feels like a different country to the rest of Cuba. In scale and commercial development it is unlike anywhere else on the island. The city itself is a mixture of architectural styles, all built tight together, that always seem to have a plaza flickering in the distance with the promise of cool breezes... continue reading