There is a rich tradition in Nicaragua for painted Murals. After the Sandinista revolution they were used as a means of communication. They were a way to reach the population, a large part of who did not read or write. They would have themes such as health, literacy, revolution and politics.

A lot of the murals from the Sandinista period were painted over after they lost the elections in the 90s, but there is still an evident culture and some towns still have Sandinista era murals.

Here is a collection of the murals we saw while in Nicaragua.

These two are from Leon and are standing on each side of a doorway. They are images of the revolutionary leader Sandino tramping on the heads of Uncle Sam and the Nicaraguan dictator Somoza.

Mural from Leon

Mural from Nicaragua























This is the revolutionary hero Edgard José Munguía Álvarez know as La Gata Munguía.

Mural of Nicaraguan La Gata


Some of the Murals around Nicaragua are used to tell about local legends and traditions, like this one from La Casa Cultura in Leon.

Mural showing Nicaraguan Legends

Or as a reminder of the peoples struggle for freedom:

Mural in Leon

And to honour the Martyrs of the revolution.





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